Your Ultimate Guide to Selling Mikimoto Pearls

There are many types of pearls. The mikimoto pearls create the best jewellery in the world. Its name is derived from KokichiMikimoto, the man who first grown a Mikimoto pearl. He is the one who popularize the process of growing pearls or also known as cultured pearl.

If you are going to sell the pearl, there are a few things to keep in mind. These are the following:

  • Buyers need a guarantee that you are selling genuine pearls. Hence, you have to provide a certificate of pearl appraisal. It should indicate the shape, size, and grade of the pearls.
  • The description of the pearl should be provided as well. Make sure that you keep the buyers engaged when describing the pearls. However, you also need to be truthful when describing the pearl jewelleries. Pay particular attention to the color and luster as these are the two primary characteristics buyers are looking for.
  • Reach as many buyers as possible by advertising the pearls in many advertising platforms such as the newspapers and online portals.
  • If you don’t have that much time marketing your pearls, then you have to entrust the task to a third party seller. You can have them sell the pearls on a commission basis or a term that they find favorable to them.
  • Be accommodating with your pearl buyers. There will always be a lot of questions. Buyers want to know the specifics of the jewellery you are selling. Most questions yield to the value of the pearl as well as how to keep the pearls in good condition. Be patient when answering queries of the buyers. Come up with the best possible price. Do not overprice and at the same time do not come up with a too low price. The price should be something that will give you a decent income.

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