Why is there a Need to Collaborate HR and Marketing?

There is a need in every organization that the HR and marketing need to work closer together. They both are two distinct areas within any company but there is a need for them to collaborate. Technology and social media have advanced so much for both the functions. This has changed how the customers and the employees get in touch with the companies.

  • The two radical changes are accelerated speed and transparency. From a perspective of marketing, unsatisfied customers express their views about the products or services of a company in a matter of minutes, which is then shared by a large group of people. This can also be viewed by your competitors. Consumers want their issues to be addressed quickly and clearly otherwise it affects a brand negatively. Also accelerated speed and transparency provide the marketers many opportunities to get in touch with the customers.

  • From the perspective of HR, the levels of customer service and workings of a company are now transparent than ever. The behavior of the employees, under the remit of the HR, doesn’t deliver the marketing problem, which poses as a problem. Marketers have a knack to engage the customers and the function must work with HR in order to come up with strategies to engage the workforce and to make sure that the brand and behavior represented are embraced through the organization.
  • The HR has a huge role in recruiting and retaining the right people for the tech savvy age we reside in. Marketers still need to have basic skills of their profession, market analysis, storytelling and brand building. But they require more of that. So much of the customer interaction with a brand takes place online. The technology behind this is changing constantly and offers huge heaps of data. Having a learning and understanding of the skills in data science, social media management, analytics, and basic coding are the skills marketers should have if they want the company to be successful.

  • This emphasizes on the employee engagement which is driven by both the HR and the marketing departments. The tools and channels for the employees to share information with a brand is readily available, so how busy they are with a brand is important. In a world where you can interact with large audiences with a few clicks, the HR department has a responsibility to ensure that the current and future leaders are comfortable and understand the tech savvy marketing and the footprints it will leave behind.

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