What Factors are Important for Consideration when Choosing Business Name

Choosing a standout business name would be one of the most difficult decisions for you to make. Nonetheless, it is imperative not to be caught up in the emotion of choosing a business name. Several products that were initially launched into the market often have to go through negative comments. Such was the fate of several products, when they were initially launched into the market. A wide number of people, hearing the name initially could not understand the purpose of the product. However, in the present times, the technology behind most products has made them one of the most popular products across the world.

Choosing a suitable business name

Business names should not be deemed to stand-alone. Instead, it should be viewed in the light of what it has been designed to represent. When you talk about names, the emphasis should not be on selecting a name that you would prefer, but the one that actually works. Brand naming is a process based on principles. In most firms, people are using the below mentioned seven principles for keeping focus and choosing a name suitable to its context. However, when choosing a business name, if you have purchased your office equipment, you could store it safely in cheap storage units.

Therefore, for succeeding as a brand, a name should be:


Is the chosen name has some degree of meaning infused? Can you easily explain the name easily? One good example can be a product name that can define it in a simple yet significant manner.


Is the name you chosen easy to remember? Concision and alteration would be great devices for helping ensure you remember it for a length of time.


Is the name radically differentiated from the competition? The business name should be easily differentiated from the competitor’s names.

Owned easily

Is the name easily protected? Is there a direct URL available?


Do you really like the name? Is the targeted audience responding properly to the name? Is the chosen name relevant to the targeted audience?


Is the name relatively easy to pronounce and spell? One such example will be the name of ice cream, which despite being a greatly fabricated name is difficult to remember and spell.


Is the name able to inhibit the business in future? Is it too modular or limiting?

These aforementioned factors should be imperative when choosing a business name.

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