Some Useful Tips and Tricks to Get Most Out Of Your Flex 2 Fitness Tracker

Getting a device that efficiently tracks and monitors your activity makes your workout effective. Fitbit Flex 2 is an efficient and robust fitness tracker that is simple, cost effective and powerful. This water-resistant tracker offers best grip to the wearer, so that one can give their maximum in the workout and achieve your targets easily.

If you have this tracker or planning to purchase it then learning about its usage would help you in taking your workout to extremes.


Fitbit Flex 2 fitness tracker is ideal to wear when performing different types of physical activities such as:

  • Track swimming
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • During gym

LED notifications

Wearing this accessory, you can get notifications displayed on the wrist. Fitbit Flex 2 cable charger offer enhanced battery life that helps you during long hours of physical training. It will tell you, if somebody is texting or calling you. It is done by way of five default light and vibration patterns that are built into the system. Each of these light patterns provides a different signal to the wearer.

  • Blue light – If you are getting blue light flashing on the wrist, then it means that you are getting calls and texts. In the case of phone calls, the light will buzz for a long time while for texts, it will be for a shorter time.
  • Yellow light – This light indicates silent alarms
  • Magenta light – If you have stored any reminders, then it will show up in the form of this colour of light.
  • Green light- This light gives you an explanation of the progress you are making on your daily goals. Green light, when followed with several white lights, will tell you how close you are to achieve your goal.
  • White light: A single white light denotes that you have reached 25% of your target. So, a series of four white lights will indicate that you have successfully reached your target.

How to clean the device” Fitbit Flex 2”

Sweat and dust tend to accumulate on it that can react to the skin and cause irritation, itching, and other skin issues. Thus, it is important to clean your tracker device from time to time so that it may not cause rashes on your wrist. There are ways that are listed in the product manual at the time you purchase the device. These ways are recommended by the company for the hygiene of different band types.

There are effective soap-free cleansers on the market that help in eliminating the deposits of oils, sunscreen and creams on the device.  Also, keep the straps as dry as possible. This can be done by patting the device with a soft cotton cloth or leave it to dry in the air. Never use hair dryer as its intense heat can damage the internal circuitry and external surface of the device.

Clean the body of the tracker device using a good toothbrush and rubbing alcohol. This will keep all the charging contacts tidy. Also, you can clean the charging cable by patting it using a cotton swab.

Alarms, extended battery life, durability, user friendly operation and convenience are what make Fitbit Flex 2 the best exercise accessory.  This is one of the inevitable accessories for people, who are serious towards accomplishing their fitness goals.

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