How to get paperless loans?

Paperless loans are dream come true for all those suffering from a cash crunch. Paperworks generally take a lot of time making it difficult for the applicant to sit and wait for the loan to get approved. On the other hand, paperless loans by CaptainCash are easy to receive as the approval takes place quickly. Claiming the cash becomes easy with paperless loans. This kind of loans can be applied to mobile phones or on websites directly. Filling up the information form is easy thus and approval can be achieved within minutes. The customer care executives are well informed and helpful too.

The way to obtain the loan

When you apply for the loan on Captaincash, you do not need to provide any paper documents to the company. They do not conduct any credit score check either. Thus, it is not only paperless application for loans but also instant verification that is available to them. You will have to do an e-signature which is, of course, easy and wait for the loan to get approved which usually happens within minutes. The officials from the company will get a secured view of your bank account before giving the green signal for your loan amount. This frees you from the painful and lingering process of offering a series of documents for loan approval.


Anybody who is 18 years of age is eligible for the loan. This is the primary criterion for loan approval. Also, the individual applying for the loan must have a monthly income of $1200 or more and the employer must pay him/her directly. It is important to show that one has a stable source of income to get loan approval. If you are a service holder, then you should be on job for 3 months or more to receive the approval. Moreover, a valid bank account with a steady transaction record is necessary. This is important to avoid becoming a defaulter on the brink of bankruptcy.

And lastly

People earning from social assistance, child tax, self-employment, student loan, CPP, disability income, insurance income and private pension are not considered eligible for cash loans. In case you fulfill the aforementioned criteria and do not meet the above-mentioned ones, you will be able to draw loans and claim cash fast enough. The website of this particular company has been updated so that applicants can have access to the status of your loan and also take a look at the status of each of the payments.

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