How to Generate More Insurance Leads: Events & Online Marketing

Insurance leads are prospective customers who are highly lucrative and sought after by insurance agents. Finding new insurance leads is a difficult but highly rewarding process, and the existence of insurance lead providers have led to agents outsourcing their lead generation to specialists. Websites such as exist to help rank insurance lead providers and promote their benefits, which is highly useful when you’re looking for an insurance lead provider who suits your individual needs and requirements.

Though this is a preferred method among insurance agents, mostly since it frees up their valuable time, actively seeking your own leads is a realistic and often more advised prospect, since you can personally monitor quality control and hone in on your target audience. Though this is more time consuming, the leads are all yours, and since you don’t have to share them with others there is a better chance you’ll convert them into a sale.

Since it is tricky to sift through various websites to find relevant information on how to generate new leads, this article has collected information on how to drum up business through events and online marketing, assisting the process of generating more business.


This is a combination of traditional advertising and contact, increasing communication channels by reaching multiple people at once. There are various events you can organize to promote your services, and because the people who choose to attend will already be concerned with insurance issues, you’ll be halfway to converting them to sale.

Organizing free seminars on insurance topics is a great way to unite people towards a common goal, and once you have encouraged people to attend with traditional advertising methods, it is important to keep them engaged throughout the seminar. If they are interested in your speech, they are more likely to buy insurance from you, but it is important to avoid turning your presentation into a sales pitch. If a seminar seems too structured and dull, Q&A sessions can work in a similar way, but with a more laid back approach that increases interactivity. As a knowledgeable industry insider, you should have no problem helping people with the questions they ask, and these events can be organized at libraries, local community centers, and even bars.

Organizing charity events and exercising social responsibility is an important way for companies to get ahead of the competition, and this works similarly well on a smaller scale. By influencing local public opinion for the better by suggesting you are ethically responsible, leads will be more inclined to choose your service over others, and in the meantime you’re continuously increasing your exposure.

Online Marketing

Since the clear majority of internet users search for local businesses online, having a presence online is of the utmost importance. The first step to achieving this goal is creating your own website, which should incorporate relevant and engaging content with a value proposition and contact information.

There is also scope to add your Name, Address, and Phone Number to online directories, which will drive direct traffic alongside optimizing your name in search engines. There are additional SEO methods you can utilize to get your website higher in search engines, and with online research you can learn valuable information to assist you.

Pay-per-click advertising is another great marketing method where you only pay out when users click your advert, and this can be incorporated in conjunction with banner ads that help drive even more traffic to your website.

Blogging can also increase engagement significantly, working wonders to attract the right audience. It is important to understand your target market when deciding on the content to include, and guest blogging can also be used effectively to generate new leads, where if people find your content interesting they’ll be sure to click the link to your site.

The final two methods of online marketing to generate new leads are related to social media and email. Research suggest that a continuous engagement with social media platforms means you are considerably more likely to attract new leads, with increased traffic, exposure, and improved search rankings as a useful byproduct.  Emailing newsletters is another great way of informing people of the services you offer, and the events which are taking place locally. This way you build authority and trust with prospective clients and existing contacts, while gaining high quality referrals along the way.

I hope you have found this article useful, and if you feel as if I’ve left anything out, be sure to comment below to get the discussion going.


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