Bituminous Membrane Roofing – Benefits Of Them That Makes Them Best Among Others!

Bitumen roof is one of the most long lasting roofing options for the flat roofs. The modified bitumen is one of the types of asphalt products that can be easily applied in numerous ways to roof in cold as well as hot temperatures.

Bitumen membrane is widely used for the waterproof roofing and comes with an ample of benefits. That is the main reason why it has gained huge popularity over other waterproofing products.

Reasons why bituminous membrane is best for roofing

  • They don’t absorb water at all and can easily be moved with structure. It is in fact a hydrocarbon which is created from the crude oil.
  • This membrane protects insulation and reflects the harmful sun rays. Some of the new products even have photovoltaic cells which can generate solar energy.
  • These products have very long life span.
  • While installation, the fumes that are produced are not at all harmful to the human health and there is very less noise during the application.
  • Bitumen is non-biodegradable, water soluble, and doesn’t release harmful toxins.
  • They are resistant to weather and easy to repair.
  • The factory manufactured rolls are very easy to install and ensure quality control.
  • Regardless of how this material is applied, the seams are normally melted together that stops leaks. On the other hand, some of the other types of membrane roofing have the seams that are covered to left open with another material which can weaken with time.
  • Bitumen roofs are very durable having high tensile strength. So they don’t develop any kind of cracks.
  • They come with usually long manufacturer’s warranty that guarantees roof’s longevity.

Manufacturing method of Modified Bitumen roofing systems

At first, the modifiers are added to the standard roofing asphalt that can replace the plasticizers while distillation process. Bitumen is then reinforced with polyester fibre matting or fibreglass to increase strength and durability.

The modified bitumen roofing systems can be easily installed with common torch method. The standard SBS roof system with modified bitumen is two play system that is applied in the rolls overlapping edge of previous rolls.

If you want to ensure a successful bitumen roof, it is important to ensure that the job of installation is done properly. It means using two – three ply material and coating it against UV exposure. When it is done properly, the roof can really be beneficial in the long run.

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